The Weekly Haul: Browhaus makeup, Pop Beauty, Fly Shades, and Priva

My apartment is literally full of makeup right now. I love it, but it's also a nightmare because now it's almost impossible to find anything I need within five minutes. T___T I am definitely due for another major clean up! Now if only I can find the time...

Anyway, here's the Project Vanity Weekly Haul! Sorry I missed it last week as it's been more hectic than usual. Check out the products that caught my eye!

Did you know that Browhaus has an extensive eye makeup line? Browhaus has HD Mascara (which Julia of Bless My Bag raves about all the time), the Classic Brow Lead with three shades, the Precision Eyeliner in brown and black, the Bi-Liners which can be used as liner and shadow, and finally the new Erase Makeup Remover

I thought Browhaus only had the Bi-Liners and mascara, so it's a pleasant surprise for me to know that they also have eyebrow pencil. Can't have too much of those, no? The oily makeup remover is also perfect for removing these long-wearing eye products. More on this makeup line soon!

Pop Beauty also sent their new makeup collection packaged in such beautiful boxes. The Contour 101 Palette and Peak Performance Brow looks sweet! I used the contour palette yesterday and the shades are quite nice. 

I'd say that red lipstick looks like MAC Russian Red. It's sooooo sexy and rich! Just the kind of red I usually go for.

Fly Shades already has their summer collection out! Those pineapple cases are cute no? My favorite design is the tortoise shell frame, it's so chic and perfect for the beach. It's always so tough for me to find shades that actually flatter my round face, but that design works. ^_^ Love it! Can't wait to wear it out.

Finally, there's a new feminine wash in town! It's called Priva and it's from the makers of PH Care. I'd say it's a more grown up version of the girly PH Care we've come to love. It smells great and looks more luxe in its bottle. Try it out the next time you shop for a new wash. ;)

So there you go guys! Hope you enjoyed the haul. How about you, did you find anything interesting in the shops lately?