Cheap finds: The P30 pump bottle from True Value

Here's a surprising find from yesterday! I was in True Value in EDSA Shang mall and randomly spotted these bottles in the back on the store. Yes, they were rather all the way back so I felt like I found a long-forgotten treasure chest haha. There was a stand with a lot of options if you want bigger bottles or even jars! I have been looking for 30ml pumps in particular though.

These are handy for traveling and for the gym (or in my case, tennis) bag. I've been bringing a full bottle of body wash in my bag, which is silly, plus I need new travel bottles for my current shampoo, facial wash, and makeup remover. These are perfect! I like pump bottles because I don't have to remove and put the cap back on. The size is ideal as I don't want to decant too much of my favorite skincare if I can help it.

Best yet? They're only P30 each. I'm sure they're way cheaper in bulk from a supplier but I'm pretty happy with the price as it is. The others I've seen cost P50-70! Look out for these the next time you're in True Value. ^_^

Any tiny but extremely useful finds lately?