How to make your own blur cream

Beyond the BB and CC creams and my all-time favorite tinted moisturizers is the blur cream. The latest base concoction of the beauty world, blur cream is touted to “erase” imperfections and make your skin look flawless and as poreless as possible. I feel like it’s Primer version 2.0!

But as much as I love trying out new beauty products, I can’t always spend for it just because I want to. There’s the monthly rent, that car gas tank that needs filling up, and yes, that expensive lipstick bought just last month. Thankfully, we can concoct our own DIY blur cream with products we most probably already have in our stash! With the exception of high-tech ingredients for light-reflection, the combination of a silicon-based primer, a drop of foundation, and a dash of moisturizer can blur your way to perfection.

Check your stash for these "ingredients"!

  • A silicon-based primer. This type of primer will work best for our DIY blur cream as silicon is the ingredient that fills in those pores and fine lines as well as “smoothens” out skin texture. This is where the blurring magic begins.
  • A dewy foundation. The glowy finish that a dewy foundation gives is precisely what we need for our DIY Blur Cream. The added tint also evens out the skin tone which enhances the blur effect.
  • A moisturizer. This will add the right amount of slip and moisture for healthier-looking skin.

Step 1: Prepare a clean jar and spatula for mixing. If you don’t have one of those portable travel jars, recycle an empty skincare pot. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Steps 2, 3, 4: Squeeze three drops each of the primer and the moisturizer into the empty jar. Add a drop of foundation for a hint of color. I find this ratio to be enough for a single application, however, you can add more if you want more coverage. That's the fun thing about making your own makeup, you can add or lessen its components according to what works for you.

Step 5: Mix thoroughly with a clean spatula.

Step 6: Apply mixture on skin and blend away! We highly recommend using your fingers to even out skin completely.

Here’s a blended swatch of our DIY blur cream. Check out how the fine lines on my hand suddenly “blurred”!

Do you have a favorite blur cream or will you try to DIY? Share with us if you do!