Local love: The Snoe What's Up Brow 3D Brow Setting Mascara

I have a love-hate relationship with eyebrow mascaras. I think they're magic, the way they can shade and thicken my brows in only a couple of swipes. Sometimes though they are a bitch to control; the brows come out too thick or uneven if I'm not paying close attention to what I'm doing. It comes down to that really: focus and control. Using eyebrow mascara is tricky business but when done right the results are A+.

The latest mascara in my kit is the Snoe What's Up Brow 3D Brow Setting Mascara (P799). I love the color (I have Ochre) and pigmentation, and how well it adheres to skin even when I'm sweating it out on the tennis court. This really stays on - it's obviously made with oily skin in mind, but it comes off easily with just micellar water. 

Ochre is a rich warm brown with a reddish tint to it. My hair is a little difficult to match completely with my brows seeing as it's a flaming brassy red, but this brow mascara dyes it juuuust right. Almost like they were MFEO really! To match my current hair color I have to mix different powders to get my brows right. Using just Snoe's Ochre, I get the right shade so clap clap for that!

The brush is a bit big but not unwieldy. It picks up too much product however so I have to wipe it off at the lip, or blot it with tissue. Otherwise, I'll get clumpy, overly dark brows. I've made a lot of messy mistakes with What's Up Brow but overtime I realized it's really just that - having too much product in the brush. The key is to lightly touch the brush to the brows and color it without rushing. 

The results, as you can see, are pretty good. I didn't have to use any other eyebrow product to achieve this look. I would usually use two formulas (a pen, powder, and/or mascara) or 2-3 eyebrow powders to get brows this sleek and well-matched to my hair.

Overall, even though I found it a challenge to use at first, I would recommend the Snoe What's Up Brow 3D Brow Setting Mascara to anybody who wants quick brows that stay on, no matter what. It won't fade or come off with oil and sweat, which I think is its greatest strength. It also colors beautifully as long as you work carefully. ^_^

Have you tried this brow mascara before? What do you use currently?