Ask Liz: How do you keep stress from showing on your face?

Hi Liz, I moved to a new job recently. It has bigger responsibilities that I sometimes don't know how to handle anymore. I get home at 10pm and have to leave early to avoid traffic too, and it's been affecting my health. How do I cope? How do I look less tired at work? Thank you for your answer! - Charmie

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Hi Charmie, I'm sorry to hear that your new job is affecting your life negatively. Perhaps it's prudent to talk to your boss about your schedule. It might be even time to delegate some work, if there are others who can help. Always remember that your health is your most important resource! You can't enjoy the the rewards of your hard work if you're too unhappy or sick to function. 

While your job situation can only be resolved by having an honest talk with your employer, I can at least help with your question about how to look less stressed. To start with, try to sleep and drink more water whenever you can. Keep a jug in your desk. I know it's difficult when you don't have a lot of time, but avoid fast food as much as possible. Bad eating along with lack of sleep and poor hydration can do a number on your skin!

There are a few products you can use to help restore that glow and achieve a well-rested look, aside from your usual FOTD. Here are my best recos!

Choose a brightening primer or a skin illuminator. Attract light to dull, stressed skin with a subtly shimmery base or highlight. I love the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer because it gives the skin a youthful champagne glow. It also keeps my makeup on longer, highly useful if you stay over time at work.

Fake refreshed eyes with a beige, gold, or bronze eyeshadow. Concealing under eyes is a given, but it's also important to "conceal" lids with eyeshadow; our lids darken too! Use a creamy beige eyeshadow for a quick fix - actually, you can also just use your concealer - or go for a classic gold or bronze shade. Just a lid wash will do! You'll see the difference, I promise.

A pink or red lipstick can do wonders in lifting up your face. Let a happy color pierce a tired mood! A glossy lip or a bright matte effectively brightens the skin because of the added contrast. It also brings the good feelings associated with the above colors.

Hope this helps, Charmie. Good luck with your new job! Girls, if you have some advice to share, we'd love to hear it!