The Weekly Poll: How often do you get facials?

How often do you get a facial?

The Weekly Poll is another new section here at Project Vanity. This is where us nosy folks ask questions about your beauty behavior! We're dying to know if we're the only one doing a certain thing, or why not more people are into the things we're into. Let's start with a point of contention that needed to be resolved, like, yesterday: how often should we get facials?

Dermatologists recommend a monthly pore purge, however, it can be difficult to commit the expense and the time for it. Those with sensitive skin may not be able to do it regularly. We hope you can enlighten us all by answering the survey and sharing your thoughts about facials in the comments below. Why do you get facials? Why not?  You can view the survey, too, if you like. ^_^ Have at it!