Why a pretty home is important to me

I didn't use to care about what my apartment looked like. I live in a two-bedroom unit with lots of windows and natural light, but I didn't think about that at all. I slept on a foam mattress on the floor, my couch was old and ratty, and all my things were haphazardly "organized" (if you can call it that) in big paper bags. I wasn't living in squalor but I lived thoughtlessly. I was well-dressed and made up flawlessly whenever I'm out of the house, but my house wasn't even nice to look at. 

It wasn't a conscious decision on my part to start prettying up my home. It actually started with the blue couch that I got at a department store. I just wanted one so more guests can sit, that's all. When it finally arrived, everything else in my place looked so...uninspiring. I wanted my whole space to look as nice as the blue couch!

So I bought a bookcase, lamps, a simple chandelier, throws for my old couch to spruce it up, a cute tray, a rug, ivory curtains, a spring bed, 625-thread count sheets, and an extra counter for my kitchen. My living room and bedroom looked so nice that I decided to fix up my office/studio too - I got a chic wooden desk and a chair. I organized my makeup and art stuff in wooden baskets stacked on a black iron shelf. So neat! Still looks haphazard but I like the effect.

Perhaps my apartment isn't magazine-worthy, but I love how it looks now. Every morning I wake up inspired with just the right light filtering through my windows. Whenever I'd sit at my desk, I feel like I can write or paint anything, with all I need of course within easy reach. I can read in my couch peacefully and I can entertain more guests. I can stay in my house all day and not feel like my life sucks. I mean, if I can get my house in order, then surely I can do the same for my life, should I need to. That's quite a leap in logic but the thought soothes me. How I live is who I am, after all. If I'm vain enough to care about how I look then I should at least have enough common sense to live in a place that's pretty and comfortable - I work here most of the time, in any case.

Best thing? I didn't spend as much as it looks. ;) If you've got the budget for it, I'd say it will be a life-changing investment to have a space that will make you feel happy and inspired. It will increase productivity and encourage you to think more positively.