5 Lipstick Shades to Avoid If You're Morena

Hold up. Before anybody gets the wrong idea, I want you to know that you can wear whatever you want. It's your face and your style; nobody has the right to stop you from wearing that lipstick you love. But like I keep repeating here, many times, many women don't know what looks good and what doesn't. As long as you're making an informed choice about your appearance then you should go on ahead and rock your look! It also applies even if you don't know any of this but think you look great anyway.


That being said, there are a few lipstick shades that do not flatter women with warmer and darker skin tones. I'm a medium-yellow myself so I can get away with a lot, but certainly not all lipstick colors. They either make my face look drained of life or the skin around my lips greyish. If you've ever tried these shades on then you know what I'm talking about! 

Here are the five lipstick shades to steer clear of if you're morena and looking to be pretty (versus making a statement). ^_^

The Hypothermia Nude. Nude lipstick grants the wearer a sexy, undone look but it can also mimic the lips of a person suffering from extreme cold. It washes out the whole face, yes, even with the smokiest eyes you can imagine. The best nude for morenas are brown-based with a reddish or terracotta tint. You want to match your actual skin tone, at most, not paint on a color that's paler.

The worst kind of nude for darker tones are white-based, like the one I'm wearing above. If you have a lipstick like this but want to correct it, you can mix it with a brighter or deeper color to create a more flattering nude.

The Undead Lavender. Zombie apocalypse chic unfortunately hasn't made it as a global beauty trend. Pffft. Well, in the meantime, stay off the lavender and the lighter purples! These colors are too cool to flatter warm tones i.e. yellow-toned and olive-toned skin. Pale and cool skin tones can run away with it but not girls like us.

If you have a lavender lipstick, you can make it more wearable by mixing it with red or pink colors. You can also add a brown-based lipstick to create a pretty mauve MLBB!

The Bubblegum-Stuck-On-The-Pavement Pink. This pink is the color of bubblegum after you've chewed on it for gosh knows how long - leeched of all color! Like lavender this kind of pink ends up being too cool and pale for warm/medium/deep skin tones. It doesn't look flat-out unwearable, to be fair, but it just doesn't do anything for your skin. Similarly, avoid baby pinks and pastel pinks.

The Should-Look-Good-But-Doesn't Pink. The lipstick I'm wearing above is an odd case. It's a bit warm, with a bit of a peachy hue to it, so it should theoretically look good on me. Perhaps some might argue that it looks totally fine. But whenever I put it on it just seems so...off. I end up removing it before I leave the house.

The reason it's unflattering is that it has some white mixed to it. The white makes it look bright but it also clashes against my skin. Notice how my outer lips look gray. The effect is more noticeable in person! That's one thing you should watch out for any lipstick that should, in theory, look good but doesn't.

The Metallic Menace. Metallic lipsticks look great in fashion editorials but not quite in person. Gold, bronze, and copper lipsticks rarely look good on the lips; the metallic finish highlights lines and makes lips look small and drawn. If you're looking for ooohhh shiny, you're better off with gloss or lacquer. Sparkly bits are best confined to the eyes and not the lips.

I wanted to add one more color, but I don't have the lippie anymore. I probably threw it away in rage, haha! Perhaps the most unflattering lipstick shade ever is a yellow-orange. Can't imagine anyone looking chic in it but you know what, I might be wrong! Let me know if there are any more colors to add to this list!