On being complacent and wrong

It's been a tough week. I've made a few bad decisions and miscalculated what I deserve out of the things I work for. I've also been counting on distractions and the pretension that I'm doing important things to mask the fact that I, in fact, have wasted - am wasting - so much time. 

Just a few years ago I would always be bouncing around and doing everything I needed to do to get to this point. Now that I have pretty much everything I want...honestly, I don't want that much. I don't want to be fabulously rich or ridiculously beautiful. I don't want to be famous.

I just want a life where I can talk about the things I love to people who care about them, a life where I can travel every so often, a life that allows me to control my schedule, a life where I can make things, a life with people who love me. I have all of that. I don't have the perfect or the best life but I have one that suits me tremendously well.

So now what?

I have to stop being complacent and so damned smug about all of this. Everything that which can be gained can be lost; even the best bacon spoils. (That last bit is totally random). This week taught me that I demand too much of those who love me and have been living too much in my own head (again).

That's never a good thing because in my head, I'm always right. This week I learned that I'm not and you know what? I feel great about that. It's only when we're wrong that we learn something new. It's only when we do absolutely nothing that we realize we should do something.

How about you - what did you learn this week?

PS Tagging Monday Musings even though it's not Monday haha. I just want to place all personal posts in this category.