New cleansing BFFs

Ola! It's another gloomy day and I have a passport renewal scheduled today. Life is rather hectic lately but it's fun and exciting. Can't ask for more really! Speaking of exciting, I have quite a few new things in my skincare routine. Products that I didn't think I'd like, I'm liking now. I'll post more about what's new in my routine soon, but for the moment, let's talk about my new cleansing favorites.

I've had The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (P550) for some time now. I didn't find it all that impressive compared to Bifesta or Bioderma at first, but perhaps it just needed the right cotton pad! (More on that in a bit.) I like it because it's not as drying as my fave micellar waters. It's a wee bit oilier and thus makeup is wiped off with ease. It also has no scent at all - a surprise considering it's named Camomile.

It's supposed to be used for the eyes alone but I use it for my whole face. :P It's effective in removing pretty much everything except waterproof mascara. Tough, but water-based cleansers like this can't do much against that kind of formula. Try this if you hate your eyes getting stung by makeup removers! I'll probably finish this bottle. I love having options.

I got the Nippon Facial Patting Cotton (P100 for 100 pads) just last week and guys, it was love at first sight. I adore how thick and big the pads are! It's the perfect size as it covers more of my face when I pass it over. It's also the perfect thickness - not too thick as to waste product, but not too thin that it unravels after a couple of rough passes. 

The cotton feels so soft on my face too. I'm definitely getting more! I use only two pads for my whole face even when i have heavy, everything-on-it makeup. It's more expensive than what you can find in say, Watsons, but I imagine this will last longer. It's also more impressive to use on clients if you're a makeup artist. *wink* You can buy these pads at

And that is that. Do you have new cleansing products you're loving too? Sound off in the comments!