Hello from Singapore + new travel faves

I am writing this just before I start preparing for the Urban Sketchers Symposium today. I can't believe that I actually made it, after all the suspense about my passport! I almost didn't get it in time. Well, I actually did NOT get it in time which meant that I had to book a new flight that arrived at 12 midnight, but that's beside the point. I'm here. I'm going to be able to catch the watercolor workshops I signed up for. I'm so happy! 

Before I go, I just want to quickly talk about some new products that I added in my travel kit. I have my staples, but I like adding up more convenient or better versions of what I like to bring. Here are five! 


Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne. This smells incredibly lovely and sweet, and the 30ml bottle is just PERFECT for traveling. It's small but it gives a fine mist worthy of a full-sized bottle.

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser. I actually got this last year from EL's gift promo, but didn't get to try it until recently. It cleans thoroughly and leaves my face smooth; no breakouts so far.

I also adore the travel size. I don't enjoy putting facial wash in travel jars because I always place too much, thereby wasting precious product, and it tends to leak out a bit. It makes more sense to just bring a legit travel-sized tube!

Lush Shampoo Bar in Honey I Washed My Hair. It's hot and muggy in Singapore, so I need a good shampoo that will keep my hair smelling fresh the whole day. If you've ever smelled the Lush shampoo bars then you'll know why I defaulted to this! It also comes in a small travel-friendly tin. It can also be used as body soap!

I read an interesting travel tip the other day: if you want your clothes to smell good during and after a trip, pack a bar of great-smelling soap in your luggage. Don't put it in plastic so that the scent permeates through your clothes.


Benefit Lollibalm. I'm never without lip balm whenever I travel. My lips dry out in the arid cabin air so I have to keep on retouching if I want to avoid chapped skin. I like the Lollibalm because it's thin on the lips and it has a nice rosy scent; the metallic lavender packaging also makes it easy to find in the mess that is my bag.

It's the small things, really. 

Imation Link Power Drive. I had meant to write about this a loooog time ago but yes, this is probably the best gadget I've found this year (other than the iPhone6 of course hehe). This is not just a power bank - it's also a storage device, so I can move pictures and videos when I need to save space on my phone. I can also save movies here, which means that I can watch pretty much anything on my phone even when I don't have wifi or LTE. Awesome right?!

It can store up to 32gig and is also incredibly light. It also has its own USB and lightning cords so no need to bring a separate one. It just needs a plug.

I believe you can find this in major gadget stores for P4,000 or 5,000 (I don't have the exact price)!


And that is that. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed looking through my new travel faves. Gotta roll out now! See you on Instagram @lizlanuzo! I'm using the hashtag #LizInSG.

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