The perfect coral red: MAC Matte Lipstick in La Vie En Rouge

I have many variations of bloody reds, brick reds, plummy reds, wine reds, tomato reds, and orange reds in my lipstick collection so you have to excuse me if I'm a little world weary of red lipstick in general. I used to wear one all the time - a slash of red across my face always does wonders - but now not so much. I like brown and nudey pinks lately. Perhaps that comes with old age.

Recently though I received the MAC Matte Lipstick in La Vie En Rose (P1,000) and it awakened my old flame for red lips. It's an utterly gorgeous coral red that I don't have a dupe of yet in my collection. It's bright and happy and matte. I like to think of it as a modernized retro red!

It's a loud red that looks pinkish in certain lighting. It's blue-based so it should suit most skin tones! Blue-based lippies as you know have a brightening effect on skin and teeth, so always look for bright shades that have a slight bluish tint underneath the pigment.

MAC matte lipsticks have a dry, rather hard formula, but they're also extremely long-wearing. They stay on even after eating and drinking, leaving a lovely even stain once they fade away. I wouldn't recommend this formula for dry lips but you can always wear a lip balm as needed.

Gotta love instantly whiter teeth and a brighter skin with nary any effort. ^_^ I will definitely keep La Vie En Rouge in my summer rotation! What's your summer red?