Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara

These days I'm so busy that I don't even have time to put eyeliner on. Yeah, if you've seen how quickly I apply eyeliner, you'll know that it's something I normally can't miss! I love elongating my eyes and making them look sharper so eyeliner is indispensable - again, normally. But with this heat and the lack of time I just go with the quicker alternative, which is mascara! I get the definition and my lashes don't look patay; my eyes look bigger and brighter too. Plus, there are lesser chances of smudging with the right mascara.

One of the newest ones out now is the Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara (P899). It's a fiber mascara with a mid-width brush that slightly tapers at the end. The formula delivers an impressive amount of length on my lashes and is so very, very black and matte. It also doesn't smudge even when worn for 10 hours (at least in my experience) and it wipes off with just a micellar makeup remover.

The brush is longer than I would normally like, but it's easy enough to maneuver around my lashes as it isn't all that thick.  

Eye Am The One is a fantastic mascara for creating dramatic length and for staying on even in the most humid weather, but there's a catch: it doesn't keep curl very well. I have stick straight lashes as you know, and even if I've curled my lashes twice with two different curlers (to get a steeper angle) they still go down a short while after applying the mascara. 

I would recommend this for women who have naturally curly lashes. If you want your lashes up, there are other formulas dedicated to that purpose. 

Overall, the Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara is a great find if you're after lengthening, a bit of volume (but not crazy volume), and a non-smudging formula for your lashes. It is so easily removed too! If you're after curl, this is not it though. 

Let me know what you think of Happy Skin's first venture in the mascara world!