Join my Basic Watercolor Workshop, learn to paint, and get gifts!

I just recently did some spring cleaning and I've unearthed a lot of unused brand new products. What to do? Well, give them away! I thought it'd be perfect to include a lot of goodies in the bag for my Basic Watercolor Workshop. I'm going to have one this Saturday (best dibs *wink*) and another one on the 30th of May

The workshop fee is just P1,600 which includes a 3-hour workshop, coffee, brunch, and a set of materials that you get to keep. ^_^ It's super sulit, I've been told, since you don't have to bring anything anymore. I will also include a LOT of beauty products for you to try out - think about it, you get to do something fun and new, you get food, materials, and kikay stuff too! 

As an extra treat, Art Whale, one of the hottest art supplies stores in Manila, is going to have a table at the workshop venue on May 30. Please do come by to visit even if you're not joining the workshop! They have lovely Korean and Japanese paint, as well as Copic markers.

To register, please do email me at lizlanuzo [at] with the subject "Signing Up for the Watercolor Workshop". Please identify the date you want and your mobile number as well. See you soon!