The Body Shop Forbidden Flower Collection

One of my favorite Miranda Priestly lines from The Devil Wears Prada is, "Florals? For spring? Ground breaking." I found it funny and true, so since watching that movie in 2006 I mainly kept away from floral clothes.  I still love floral scents though, year-round. There's something about smelling like you just got out of a room of flowers as if it's no big deal.

In a world filled with all sorts of floral scents though, it is often hard to find something unique and nose-catching. That's why the new The Body Shop Forbidden Flower collection is so intriguing - it has this rich, intoxicating poppy-inspired scent that overflows the senses. This is definitely not for little girls! 

The seductive collection features a limited edition Forbidden Flower Shower Gel (P395) Body Butter (P695), Body Lotion (P750) and Eau De Toilette (P750). Layer the shower gel, lotion, and perfume together to get a lasting scent all day! Once the floral top notes wear off you're left with a woody, slightly oriental base that lingers on the skin.

The Body Shop also has a new collection called Red Musk that goes well with Forbidden Flower. I'd like to think of it as the manly version of FF, so if you and your guy like to match in an olfactory manner (haha slash aww) then you should have him try Red Musk too.

So that's what's up at The Body Shop. ^_^ Have you sniffed Forbidden Flower in store? How do you like it?