This lathers like a dream: Kracie Pure Savon Body Wash

Tomorrow is Project Vanity's 7th anniversary and I can barely blog today. So many details to finalize and coordinate. On top of that, I have a semi-impromptu house party tonight. Whoooo. Let's do this! I am slightly freaking out actually. This is a big event, bigger than what I usually organize. Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

On a completely different note - a lot of people ask me about what beauty products to buy from Tokyo when they visit. My usual answer is, well, many Japanese cult faves are already available here in the Philippines so why bother? The price isn't all that different here too. If I were you I would save the luggage space for cute accessories, shoes, and various abubots from the 100 yen store!

In fact, there's a new Japanese brand called Kracie (pronounced kra-zhey) recently available in the PH. It's been around since 1887, and a familiar sight in drugstores all over the country. It's famous for body care products especially the All-In-1 Facial Mask which is said to be the #1 in drugstores. Perhaps I can get a sample of that! For now here's a quick review on the Kracie Pure Savon Body Wash (P545 in Beauty Bar).

The cute packaging is so stylish and vintage-y, which makes it such a joy to see in my bathroom. I also like how thick this lathers - I have SO MANY body washes currently but this one lathers the most. The suds are so thick that they feel like whipped cream! Seriously.

My skin feels super hydrated after washing with the Pure Savon. It contains moisturisers, Shea Butter, and Soapwort Extract to help with that.

However I'm not a huge fan of the scent of the two available variants. This smells heavily of soap which, duh, it says right in the title. I was just expecting it to smell more like white lily and rose as also stated in the label. Ultimately though, this slight hitch won't put me off using the product as I love the rich lather it produces in the shower. It feels luxe, plus very little goes a long way.

So there you have it. Check out Kracie in a Beauty Bar near you!