New in shelves: Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

You guys know the basic three-step skincare routine - cleanse, tone, and moisturize - because of magazines and beauty blogs such as mine. But I bet that when you were in high school and college you could care less about following those steps; I know I didn't!

When I went on a university tour last month I always asked the audience what they do for their face. True enough, most of them just really stick to facial washes. That would have been fine except many drugstore facial washes tend to be harsh and irritating. They strip the skin of moisture so thoroughly that the face becomes dry, and therefore oilier to overcompensate. 

To address this problem, Pond's has come up with a new facial wash formula that will not ruin your skin's moisture barrier. The Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel (P85/50g and P155/100g) perfect for young people or just about anyone who does not use moisturizer regularly. It doesn't overdo the cleansing to the point that your skin will feel tight; it's oxygenated formula will make your face feel fresh and smooth after washing. It's just really one of those things you have to feel to believe.

Now, even though the facial wash is in gel form, it has a thick lather that is powerful enough to remove light makeup. Love how cool the gel feels as I massage it on my face. It also has a floral scent that's quite lovely and relaxing if you're okay with perfume in your skincare. 

This is the first facial wash that Pond's can claim is made for sensitive skin. It's certainly worth a try if past cleansers from the brand have not worked for you! It's very affordable in any case. In fact, you can try the White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel for free when you order a sample at Sample Room! Shipping is free until March 6 (or until stocks last) so hurry up and grab this new innovation from Pond's. ^_^ It's currently out of stock but the team might restock soon so just keep checking!