Come join: Basic Watercolor Workshop on March 28

When I first started painting, my biggest struggle was learning all the basic techniques and gathering the right materials. Later on it was about studying how to translate what I see in real life to paper - it was all about figuring out light and shadow, color and texture, perspective and scale.

Now, the most difficult challenge I'm trying to hurdle is telling a story through my art. I'm certainly not done working on my technical proficiency so I'm still on that track, but now with the addition of imbuing my paintings with life. I hope I am succeeding. I will keep trying.

Man O' War Forest  , watercolor painting by Liz Lanuzo

Man O' War Forest, watercolor painting by Liz Lanuzo

Lucy  , watercolor painting by Liz Lanuzo

Lucy, watercolor painting by Liz Lanuzo

If you'd like to start learning how to paint with watercolours, do join my latest workshop! Here I will systematically teach you all the basics - finding the right materials, creating washes, mixing colors, and how to paint values. Many of my past students have told me that they like how everything is step-by-step and easy to follow!

To register, simply email your name and mobile number to lizlanuzo at with the subject "Signing up for the watercolor workshop". See you on the 28th!

PS - I just updated my Art portfolio page! Have fun browsing. ^_^