Love: Eye of Horus Brow Define

When I was younger I would manage to read ten books within two weeks. I would gather them up from my favorite discount bookstore and just have at 'em! I'd read science fiction, fantasy, romance, thrillers, pretty much anything with a good blurb that I could afford with my allowance. Imagine a little girl holed up in her room that is actually full of warp drives, strange monsters, fantastic lands, and passions so fiery they could burn a hole in the ground. 

Now I can afford to buy all the books I want, but no time to read them. I don't resent it, I mean, I would rather have cash to see and experience the world than to just read about it. However, sometimes I miss the days when my only problem is to find out what will happen in the next page. 

Anyway, today I've got something good for you: the Eye of Horus Brow Define (P950). I've been sitting on it for a while and feeling guilty that I haven't written about it sooner - it's kinda one of my faves now! It's an automatic pencil that has a thin sliver of product on one end and a brush on the other for blending purposes. My brows looks absolutely natural when penciled in, as the shade and pigmentation are so on point.

I love how the EoH Brow Define creates un-solid lines, but at the end of the process my brows still look mighty defined. The pigmentation is perfect as it never gets too heavy nor too light that you have to pass over several times (two layers are more than enough for the two darker shade). The brush it comes with is also quite a gem, it shapes my eyebrows with a gentle force while blending out the product. 

I have all three shades with me. Husk is a light ash blonde, Dynasty is a medium cocoa brown, and Nile is a medium dark taupe. All are excellent and can suit a wide variety of hair colors but my favorites would have to be Dynasty and then Husk. I go for Husk when I want slightly lighter brows although I do need to layer a few times to get the color I require. Dynasty is my pick for everyday, quick yet neat brows. It's flattering on my skin tone and hair!

I've gotten a lot of compliments while wearing the Brow Define, swear. My brows look so maayos and professionally done without looking overdone! I am wearing Husk on the left photo and Dynasty on the right. Love how my arches look so bongga whenever I have this brow pencil on. It easily draws over gaps and doesn't come off even after being worn for 12 hours.

And now, the catch: this pencil is P950 but seems to only contain a small amount of product. I can't find how many grams this is but after about a month of regular use I'm almost out of pencil. It would've been fine if it's the kind of product where a little goes a long way but no, it doesn't. 

The Brow Define reminds me of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo, actually. I loved that one but it also ran out quickly.

In the end, it really depends on how much you're willing to spend for the kilay of your dreams. I believe the Eye of Horus Brow Define can get you there, if you're up for the cost.

Let me know what you think!

You can purchase Eye of Horus at and select Snoe branches.