This is sorcery! The Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

A few weeks ago Benefit Cosmetics sent a mystery tube of mascara to the press. Silly me didn't try it then, but my friends were whispering about how good it is at curling lashes without using an iron curler. I didn't pay it any mind. I'm sure that the mascara could hold a curl, but to get pushed up lashes without a tool? Oh please. I have stubborn stick straight lashes. This can't be a real thing that works. 

I was so wrong. 

I'm sorry for doubting you, Benefit.

The Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (P1,300), which was officially launched just the other day, is pure sorcery. It has a patent-pending brush that hooks and rolls your lashes up, and a formula that locks that curl in all day. I know I am just saying words to you now but wait till you see what my lashes look like with it on!

In their natural state, my lashes are straight and point downwards like they never want to lose sight of the earth. Hmp. I use a curler each and every time to get them up; I have a mascara that soooortaaa curls them, but certainly not as well as if I used a curler. With the Benefit Roller Lash, my lashes are coaxed upwards by the brush and then are cemented in that position by the special goop that dries quickly in thin layers.


Benefit Roller Lash On Eyes.jpg

Amazing right? I used two layers of the new Benefit Mascara to achieve this! It does take a little patience to keep on brushing up up up if you have particularly straight lashes, but the results are totally worth it. With this mascara I will possibly never need to use a lash curler ever again!

One other thing I love about it is that it's only water resistant, not water proof. It's very easy to remove with just a few swipes of micellar water which means that I can actually use this everyday. Even so it doesn't smudge on me as I'm wearing it.

There are some limitations to the formula. It dries quickly, so you must work quickly to avoid it from clumping. It's good at lengthening lashes but does not deliver much volume. If you want fatter lashes, you might need to layer another mascara on top of it.

I have only used the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara but I am already nuts over it. You have to, HAVE to try it out if you want to say adios to your lash curler already. I mean it is the 21st century. Lash curlers still look like medieval torture implements.

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