What's inside the Eye of Horus Glamourbox

I'm in one of those in-between periods when I'm just testing out new products and have no solid opinion on anything yet. At this point it's difficult for me to truly run out of content for Project Vanity - you should see my office, a third of it is just occupied by press kits - but I run out of time. I still do client work and I still need to show up to social functions. Unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I can just write here and not think about anything else.

Anyway! Today I want to talk about the latest Glamourbox. This is still for sale by the way so you should try to get it if you can as the value is pretty good. It's an exclusive collab with Eye of Horus, the Australian eye makeup brand. It contains products that are worth a total of P3335 and only sold for P695.

Here's whats inside!

You'll get an Eye of Horus Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil (P990), Goddess Mascara (P990), both full-sized. The EoH Sharpener (P295), Ankh Necklace (P580), and Facial Bamboo Mitt (P480) are also included. I think the most exciting bits are the makeup. All the extra stuff aside, both are already worth P1,980 so they're already a good deal considering the price of the box.

I quite love the EoH pencils since they smudge beautifully and stay on fairly well during the day. The Goddess Mascara I find just okay, if you're looking for some natural definition and volume on your lashes. It's also super easy to wash off even though it only smudges minimally.

I could always use another sharpener with a cover - I have so many pencils and it's a hassle to clean my sharpener every time I use them. So extras are much appreciated! The Bamboo Mitt is cute although perhaps not something I would normally use.

Overall, the Eye of Horus Glamourox is worth the buy, if you're looking into purchasing a new eyeliner and mascara. ^_^ You can get it at Glamourbox's website!