The Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret Concealer sets like cement and can cover anything up

Pigmented and long-wearing concealers are typically expensive. It's also hard to find a cheap concealer that matches my skin, since the ones I've tried are either too chalky-looking or grey even if they look okay at first glance. I mean, they're pwede na, but not good enough to use regularly. I'm a concealer snob. I have way too many blemishes to kid around with that stuff!

So, imagine my utter delight when the Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret Concealer (P299) turned out to match my skin tone perfectly with a killer staying power to boot. If you've heard about this product before, well, the raves are real. Our Lil' Secret is a heavy-coverage concealer that sets on like cement. I've used this during tennis and it's always intact after practice! It's incredibly water-resistant. Once it sets, it's almost impossible to rub it off unless you use makeup remover.

I've found my perfect match in Medium Deep, the darkest. There are I think four or five shades available but they are all too light on my NC30-35 skin! Perhaps Pink Sugar will consider coming out with darker shades in the future for our deeper-toned beauties? Anyway, I have to mention that the concealer as it is can't be used on the under eyes as the coverage is too heavy and the texture too hard. My pro tip is to mix it with a bit of eye cream first to get a consistency suitable for eye bags. ^_^ As it is it's best as a blemish concealer. 

Here's a demo! I shot this a month ago. Notice the fresh red pimple and the acne scars, ugh. Normally concealers would slide off on the fresh pimple...but not Our Lil' Secret.

Awesome eh? As with all heavy, setting concealers, the application is tricky. I have to work FAST - I only get a few seconds before Our Lil' Secret sets in an unmovable layer. I dot it only where I need it and then pat pat pat the product down until it melds with my skin. Fingers are the best tools for it but I imagine a wet sponge (such as a Beauty Blender) can give you more time to work. I tried using it with an eyeliner brush and with a tiny concealing brush but the product dries out too fast. 

I'm serious. If you don't move quickly enough, it becomes this caky beast that just looks weird on the skin. It's also important not to use too much and to moisturize your skin thoroughly before going for it.

A note on the packaging: since the concealer is so thick and dries so fast, it tends to accumulate around the hole and can be a bitch to remove. Make sure to clean the spout after every use!

Overall, I don't mind a bit of hassle when it comes to the Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret Concealer. It really is rare to find a concealer with such heavy coverage and astounding staying power in its price range! This is perfect for oily skin. I just hope you find a shade match!

What do you think, is this concealer made for you?

Pink Sugar is available inside Watsons and SM Beauty Stores.