Top four lip picks this autumn

I like autumn more than spring. Spring is vibrant and joyful, full of hope for the year that will be. Autumn is more somber and thoughtful, almost nostalgic for the year that was. Both are beautiful at their peak but autumn is my jam because of the fiery, moody colors and the reflective nature of the season. 

With this in mind, I carefully chose the lipstick colors I brought with me in Tokyo. The Japanese don’t really favor bright shades on their lips. They prefer natural, barely there lippies with loads of shine! Lately though, I’ve noticed that they like chocolate-y shades and deep colors if they’re doing a full face of makeup. Here are a few new lip products that are MFEO for autumn in the city!

It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm (P470 on BeautyMNL). Before applying colors, it’s important to hydrate and prime your lips with a lip balm. The Macaron Lip Balm by It’s Skin is a basic, nice-smelling lip balm that works. Nothing fancy, except for the cute packaging! It’s so kawaii and fun to whip out in public.

Full Glamour Lips in EX05 Creamy Mocha (P1,650). I’m crazy about this color and formula! It’s a peachy mocha that glides like butter on the lips. It’s a good way to get into the chocolate-lipped bandwagon without committing to something overtly 90s. It has a creamy finish which makes it more modern.

Swatches: Creamy Mocha, Desire, Fall In Love

Swatches: Creamy Mocha, Desire, Fall In Love

Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Lipstick in Desire (P349). This is a deep berry with a decidedly earthy base. It’s a dramatic color, but it’s not too dark and vampiric. It’s pretty wearable! Note though that this won’t go over easily if you don’t use lip balm. It has a bit of a satin finish when freshly applied but turns matte when it dries.

Happy Skin Lip & Cheek Mousse in Fall In Love (P699). I wanted something punchy and happy in my kit too, so in went Fall In Love. This is a beautiful peachy pink, also with an earthy base. It’s bright enough that my skin looks fresher with it on without going near overboard. Love it. This is a nakakabata shade.

So there you go! What are your favorite lippie colors lately?