Beauty blogging Snaps: The Pet Angel Detangling Grooming Brush

Hai guys, my name is Snaps and I'm here as your beauty blogger for the day! My super best friend Liz is in Tokyo (without me, blargh) so I'm taking over her blog today. She promised she would get me some yum yums there. I'm a simple dog. I love yum yums.

So okay, I'll tell you a secret: I don't wake up like this every morning. I know! It's hard to believe! My hair flattens down and becomes this stringy mess, which means that I need Liz to brush me thoroughly. Sometimes I get tangles behind my ears too, which makes me self-conscious because I don't feel handsome :( . But it's ok because Liz uses two brushes: a big one to remove major tangles and a smaller one to refine and fluff up my look. 

When she heard about the Pet Angel Detangling Grooming Brush, she got one for me. It has soft rubber bristles that help fix pet hair and make it shiny. It also has antibacterial-protected bristles to make sure it's hygienic to use. I really like it because it detangles without hurting me. It also seriously fluffs up my fur!

Here's how Liz uses it. First she brushes me following the direction my hair is growing. Then, she turns me around and brushes AGAINST my hair growth so that I get majorly fluffy. Finally she gets to my face and ears, following and then opposing the direction of my hair. 

See how much cuter I am after the brushing session? The Pet Angel Detangling Grooming brush is the secret to my lush pomeranian coat. (Editor's note: Uh how about me Snaps? Am I not the one actually brushing you?) Don't mind Liz because she's just jelly of my natural good looks.

Okay that's it. My nanny is about to walk me and feed me. Hello to your pets too and let me know what you think about this brush! Bye bye!

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