Get a juicy stain with the Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint

How are you holding up under all the APEC insanity out there? It's stressing me out, just like everybody else, as I have a trip this week to Tokyo. The flight was paid for in February but knowing that there's a very real chance that it might be canceled due to APEC, I only paid for the AirBnB yesterday. That was after calling Japan Airlines to confirm that the flight is on schedule. Then just a couple of hours ago I found out that our flight will be delayed by 12 hours. That means I have completely wasted one day of my AirBnB booking.

I know it can be a lot worse but thanks anyway for hearing me vent. That's still money down the drain, if I don't get a refund. Sigh. 

But on to happier things! I want to talk about the Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint (P495), a buttery smooth lipstick that promises a long-wearing stain. This is the love child of the hydrating Dear My Essence in Lips-talk and intense Sugar Tint Balm! Indeed, it leaves a soft stain for 5-6 hours even after eating and keeps my lips in top shape. With it I don't feel the need to retouch - very important when I'm out traveling or playing sports. I'm at an age when I just really want my makeup to be comfortable.

The color I have, #2 PK001, is a juicy pink that's solid upon application and stains my lips a softer pink. I've observed that the more I layer it during the day, the more intense the stain becomes. I'm ok with the original stain but this is nice to note if you want a strong just-bitten color all day. 

The catch is, the lip stick is not retractable. Once you push it up, you can't pull it down anymore! So be careful about only revealing the exact amount of product you need to avoid accidentally shaving off the lipstick when you cap it.

Overall, I find the Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint a good buy if you like staining, hydrating lipsticks in fun punches of color. ^_^ 

Hope you're having a better day than I am!