The juice that prettifies: Sappe Beauti Drink

I first tried Sappe Beauti Drink a few years ago and remember liking the fresh apple and citrus flavors. It also has a unique selling proposition: each bottle contains beauty you can drink, as each variant contains popular boosters that are said to improve skin smoothness and moisture level. I love the idea that a girl can feel refreshed and beauty-boosted after every bottle! 

There are four Sappe Beauti Drink variants available at the moment: CollagenL-GlutathioneBerry Bright, and FiberCollagen is for helping to promote skin youth and hydration; in recent years, it’s gotten a lot of good rep as a means to slow down aging. You get 1000mg of it per bottle! 

There’s absolutely no fishy taste as collagen drinks are won’t to have. Instead, there’s just this delightful natural apple flavor that isn’t too sweet. 

The L-Glutathione variant is meant to assist with your skin whitening efforts. In fact, there’s 100mg of it in the apple-flavored drink. Berry Bright on the other hand contains Goji Berry Extract and Lutein, for improving eyesight as it contains multivitamins. It has a strawberry flavor very similar to red ice candy if you still recall the taste. 

Lastly, there’s the Fiber variant with 8,000mg of Fiber in every bottle. This is my favorite as I need help in improving my digestion and metabolism! Fiber promotes better bowel movement while L- Carnitine is an amino acid that gives the body energy, thus lessening fatigue and jumpstarting slower metabolisms. I also love the mild citrus taste of this drink. I like to drink it early in the morning before my day begins and in the afternoon in place of a snack. 

If you love fruity juice drinks but would like to cut down on calories, I think you’ll enjoy these Beauti Drinks. There’s just 80 to 130 calories per bottle, versus most drinks having 170 to 250 calories - check the serving size! This is a nice alternative to soda and other sugary drinks. ^_^ 

So there you go. You can buy Beauti Drink in 7-11, Watsons, Mercury drug stores, and major supermarkets for P35. What’s your favorite variant? Have you tried it before? 

This post is brought to you by Beauti Drink.