My Balesin travel beauty kits

Hello from Balesin! Have been here since yesterday for a press junket (more on that soon) and have been enjoying the experience tremendously. The island is beautiful and surprisingly huge - we have to ride jeeps to get from one themed villa to another. Food is good, company is even better as I'm with my beauty blogger friends. ^_^ Most of what's going on is on my Instagram (@lizlanuzo) so keep updated on my adventure there! 

Anyway, before I head to the next activity for the day, I want to quickly write about the beauty products I brought to the island. I have three kits as usual: one for retouching on the plane, one full makeup kit, and my skincare essentials.

My retouch kit is all about the bare minimum I need to look good. It has lip balm (Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm), lipstick (Happy Skin Under The Sheets), blush (Clinique Chubby Stick Blush in Roly Poly Rosy - gives that perfect beach flush), mascara (Clinique Lash Power), curler (Shu Uemura), foundation (Shiseido Spot Control), and finally, a perfume - the Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne.

The kit is a gift I got last Christmas. So cute no? It's so small but fits all of the stuff above comfortably.

The kit above though takes the cake. It's a Benefit one that I got from a press kit just the other day! I wish they'd sell their makeup bags, Benefit makes the best ones. It's rivalled only by Clinique IMHO.

Anyway, inside are the following: Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation (highly water-resistant, this is best for the beach), Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Palette in Untamed Teal (no need for primer!), Mac Studio Finish Concealer, Happy Skin Corrector, Stila Convertible Color in Lotus (cream blush is a beach must-have imho, looks more like skin than makeup under the sun), and the Happy Skin Contour Kit.

I also brought the L'Oreal Mat Magique as it's been impressing me so far. Review soon as usual.

My brushes were travel-sized ones from Make Up Forever. For the eyes, I mistakenly packed two eyeliners, the Benefit They're Real Liner and the Prestige Ink Pen. Both are pretty good and resists water, but they're not waterproof. I also have the Eye of Horus Eyebrow Pencil, theBalm Read My Lips Gloss, and the Mac Pro Longwear Eyebrow mascara,

As for skincare, this is pretty much what I bring with me to all my trips: my trusty pink Beabi pouch and my essentials in a ziplock. I have a few new additions to my travel skincare though, such as the Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes (i've reviewed them, they're good), the latest serum from Estee Lauder, the Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defense, and Neostrata Intensive Eye Therapy Cream.

I'm going to get all ravey about the Estee Lauder Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence - got it the other week lang and it has done wonders for my skin. Yeah I know I say that all the time but there IS always something better out there, somewhere. And this serum seems like it for me.

The Kiehl's I've used and loved before while the Neostrata eye cream is quite powerful. I just haven't been consistent with it. 

And that is that. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed this peek! How's hump day so far?