Luxe and complex: Bobbi Brown Scotch On The Rocks Warm Glow Eye Palette

I want to stare and touch the Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette (P4,500) from their Scotch On The Rocks Collection all day, if I have the time. The brown leather case, the gold trim, and utterly lovely eyeshadow colors are just so beautiful together! This is one of the most luxurious compacts I'm lucky to have.


This gorgeous palette has nine warm shades that are as versatile as they are pretty. There are different textures - matte, satin, and shimmer - to play with and layer together to create complex looks. Some might find the varied pigmentation off-putting since Bobbi Brown shadows aren't uniform or rather, like your typical eyeshadow from say MAC or Urban Decay. You just need to know how to use them.

For example, the white gold shade in the 3rd column, 2nd row is never going to be opaque no matter how you layer it. It's meant as a topper for any color to add that super fine twinkle, an extra dimension if you please. It's prettiest when the light hits it! That yellow gold color in the 3rd column, 1st row looks a lot like the one in the 1st column/1st row but it packs a lot of glitter flakes, again for adding more interest and glimmer to whatever is underneath it.

Do you know what makes an eyeshadow look and feel expensive? It's not just about how smooth or pigmented the color is. It's how it adheres like second skin, with barely any obvious seams even when you swatch heavily. It should be easy to blend to almost nothing. It should combine with the next color with little effort. These things are what Bobbi Brown shadows do best!

Here are the swatches for your reference:

Below is a look I wore to a friend's wedding. I applied the sandy champagne shade on my lids, the satiny bronze on my crease, then smoked it a bit on the outer-v using the charcoal shade. I patted on the twinkly gold right in the middle of the lids to create a natural point of interest.

I made sure to blend the crease color with the matte tan and to highlight my brows with the matte cream (1st column/1st row and 1st column/2nd row respectively). Loved wearing this!

Here's another, simpler look but still with a lot of impact. I applied the charcoal shade on my lids - a heavy layer - then blended it upwards with the matte tan. That's it. I love how this smoky look makes my eyes look bigger, almost anime-like. This is actually my default setting whenever I wear eyeshadow since it's so quick n' intentionally dirty.

Overall, I highly recommend the Bobbi Brown Scotch On the Rocks Warm Glow Eye Palette if you adore complex neutrals and luxe packaging. This is something that'll definitely see a lot of usage, at least for me. ^_^

Would love to know what you think!