Ten things I learned in 2014


1. Forge powerful friendships with people who will always have your back. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Choose those who won't judge you for your failings and mistakes, but will not take your bullshit just to be kind. Because we all have our own brand (of BS). Make sure your real friends don't buy it.

2. Talent is cheap. There are tons of other people who have a knack for doing the thing you're good at. What is expensive is practice. Practice requires dedication to hours and hours of grunt, uninspired, and little valued work. But it's the only way to learn and be the best at anything.

3. Always aim for a clean break. When you're done with something (or someone) then you are done. Untangle all ties and do not pine for the past because seriously? Better things come after.

4. Very little is about you. We live in an age where we are made to feel as if we're the center of the world; the cause of all things; the special cupcake in a sea of boring old sugary treats.

But you're not. 

I find this a liberating idea. It puts less pressure on you to be always right and perfect! It also makes you realize that bad things occur because they just do, and that many events are simply impossible to predict and therefore control.

Of course, I'm not saying you should get rid of your ego. Egos make things happen. You always play a part in something, just never as big as you think it is. 

5. Exfoliate regularly. This will seriously refine and improve the texture of your skin. 

6. Stagnating wherever you are is comfortable and easy. But change is the best way to learn the hardest, most valuable lessons in your life. Don't be afraid of it. Take your chances and follow your gut, when the time comes.

7. Travel disrupts your routine and forces you to think in new ways. It makes you realize how large and different the world really is! It makes you more open to changes, and to open your mind.

At the same time, travel makes you appreciate your comfortable little life even more. It makes you remember why you love the things you love.

8. Wear sunscreen. At least SP30 please! This is the single best thing you can do for your skin. You'll thank yourself when you're 30 or 40, I guarantee you that.

9. Aspire for grace and beauty in your everyday life. These dispel misery and hopelessness in an otherwise unremarkable existence.

10. Love wisely. It sounds oxymoronic, yes, but that shouldn't stop you from trying. :)

What did you learn in 2014?

Liz Lanuzo17 Comments