Living the life

This is what my makeup area looks like right now. It's A Major Mess, but gosh you should see the living room. There are so many press kits and I haven't even opened most of them. People tell me to give them away and I do - to my friends, family, and some Project Vanity commenters whom I want to thank. However I can't do that unless I at least take photos of them first. After that I need to try them out to see if I can come up with a review.

In other words, some products sit in my condo for at least a month or two before I can share them with anyone.

It's overwhelming. Some days, I don't know where to begin. I want to improve my turnover rate but work simply gets in the way! It's not like before when I can make two posts every day - I want to, but it's nearly impossible since I work with four companies and ten brands between them.

Everyone who says beauty blogging is a breeze ain't doing it right, or doing it in the first place. Please don't think I'm whining about my ~difficult~ life though. I'm ridiculously lucky to be doing this and getting support from you guys and brands, too. I guess I just want to let out my frustration about my blogging system.

What do you do when you're feeling frustrated and/or overwhelmed?

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