My first mall makeup demo: The Watsons Doll Glam Event with Pixy Cosmetics and Heroine Make

The last two months saw me doing a couple of things for the first time. One of them was facilitating a quick watercolor workshop for a heritage brand (I'll blog about that as soon as I get pics!) and the other one is holding a makeup a mall's activity centre, on a Saturday! I've done makeup workshops before but this was my first time to do it in a major, open-to-the-public event. I still feel overwhelmed as I was choosing the pictures for this post. Can't believe it happened!

The makeup demo happened last July 26 at SM North EDSA during the Watsons Doll Glam event. It was for Pixy Cosmetics and Heroine Make, two new Japanese brands that just arrived in the PH.  You must check them out in key Watsons stores when you get the chance! I swear by their affordable makeup, and I'm not just saying that. I carefully choose the brands I work with because if I can't confidently recommend them to you then it doesn't make sense collaborating.

Anyway, here's what happened if you're interested! ^_^ I had so much fun even though I was sweaty and nervous the whole time haha. Yeah, so much for glamour!

Here's the lovely host introducing Pixy and Heroine Make. We talked about the new brands - Pixy is a Japanese-Indonesian line of cosmetics that's actually the biggest in Indonesia. It specialises in everyday, flattering makeup that's designed for Asian skin tones. So yes, if you're looking for affordable, perfect-fitting foundies and gorgeous lipsticks, Pixy is worth checking out.

Heroine Make on the other hand is huge in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore. If you've shopped in Sasa or Bonjour in Hong Kong, you can't possibly miss it! It's also available in ALL the Japanese drugstores I've visited. It's that popular. Once you try the Long & Curl Mascara and their eyeliner, you'll understand why.  I also love the translucent powder!

Here's the demo commencing. I applied the Herione Make BB Cream as base, then set it with the Pixy Ultimate Cake foundation for a flawless, long-wearing finish. Tellie of Beauty by Tellie is my model that day btw! She's so pretty, and everyone was asking if she's Filipina haha.

Surprised by the turn out! Didn't see this many people while I was doing the demo. It was also shown on the stage's big screen live.

The finished look is so Japanese - flawless, creamy skin, with wide dainty eyes and lips. The Japanese are famous for their crazy fashion sense but in Tokyo, their makeup is just like this. They don't like loud eyeshadows and lipsticks all that much, instead opting for flowery pinks and big eyes with the use of mascara and eyeliner.

Here's what I used!

Face: Heroine Make Protect UV Mineral BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ as base, Pixy Ultimate Cake Foundation to set,

Cheeks: Pixy Blush in Carnation Bloom

Eye definition: the brown eyeshadow in the Pixy Eye Shadow palette in Sorrel Brown for the eyebrows, Heroine Make eyeliner, Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara

Eyeshadows: Pixy Sorrel Brown Eye Shadow duo - peach on the lids and matte brown on the crease

Lips: Pixy Semi-Matte Lipstick in Haruka (so pretty! And only P225!)

With the Beauty Mates! Love these girls, they've been so helpful throughout!

With the Beauty Mates! Love these girls, they've been so helpful throughout!

So that's what happened. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed my coverage, and please do check out these new brands when you get the chance! I'll update this space for the complete list of branches as soon as I get them.

Have you tried Pixy and Heroine Make already?