The fountain pen cabal

I don't drink, smoke, or party (unless it's work-related). I'm probably one of the most boring people you'll ever meet, because I have no wild stories to tell about a drunken evening with a stranger, or an amazing trek to a misty mountain. I'm one of those people who turn inward. I find something in there, then put it out for the world to see as a solid object. Lol I sounded like an asshat there.

Recently, I got into a new "hobby" - I use quotation marks because I would hate it to be the real thing. I take hobbies seriously. Makeup is a hobby, and now here we are. Watercoloring is a hobby, and now here I am with a library of books and up to my ears in supplies. I devour information and spend serious money on serious hobbies!

That's why I don't want fountain pens to be a hobby. Some people go crazy with their pen collection, easily spending P10,000 to P50,000 on a single pen. I can see myself doing that - but I'm still in the early stages of this "hobby" and I think I won't be able to bring myself to do it when the time comes. (But who knows? Ugh Liz don't think like that.)

Fountain pen cabal: Panache, Sailor, nameless fountain pen from National Bookstore, and Sheaffer

Fountain pen cabal: Panache, Sailor, nameless fountain pen from National Bookstore, and Sheaffer

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my humble pen collection - I have a Panache pen with interchangeable nibs, a basic Sailor fountain pen, a P250 fountain pen from National Bookstore that has no name, and a Sheaffer pen, also from NBS. I'm happy with these as I just really need them for my journal! Lately I find it useful to write with ink on paper. The act organizes my thoughts more efficiently and there's no pressure to show it to anybody. 


I also wanna quickly rave about a Jacinto and Lirio notebook that I got from Scribe Writing Essentials. It's just P175 but it is the creamiest, smoothest notebook EVER. The ink doesn't bleed through it, plus it doesn't buckle even with watercolors! I don't recommend it for watercolors though as it's just too smooth. Do look for it if you love notebooks.

I'd love to hear about your hobbies too. ^_^ Have a great Sunday ladies!