Bobbi Brown Week: Shimmer Nail Polish in Golden Beige

There are three typical problems when it comes to nude nail polish: the opacity, level of streakiness, and the color that actually suits your fingers. The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Nail Polish  (P900) completely blows those issues out of the water for me - it's just so, what's the word, perfect!


Golden Beige a yellowish beige that looks like it has a creamy finish from afar, but a closer look would reveal elegant golden shimmer suspended within the layer of color. It's fairly opaque on me with just two layers, but I do three to get the shimmer to show up more. It doesn't streak AT ALL and dries within 20-30 minutes.

I love the color, as it brightens up my nail bed. It's so posh-looking too! Do you agree? Staying power is good as well - it stays on me for about 4-5 days with minimal chipping. 

Overall, I have absolutely no complaints about the formula and color of the Shimmer Nail Polish in Golden Beige. Well, it could be less expensive I guess, but the quality justifies the price as far as I'm concerned. ^_^ Look this up next time you're at a Bobbi Brown counter!

What do you think of this color? Would it suit you too?