I'm a drugstore diva: My nth Watsons haul!

I love nice things, but there is something else I love more: a good deal. Seriously. If I can save on something without sacrificing the quality that I have come to expect of the things I use, I would! That's why Watsons is one of my favorite places to go for personal care necessities. They have the best deals and honestly, the Watsons brand products are pretty good even if you take their affordability out of the equation. I always have their tissues or wipes in my bag at any given time!

Watsons has a Switch & Save initiative where you can save more just by switching to a less pricey of your necessities, i.e., the Watsons brand items. They have buy 1 take 1 promos and discounts year-round, I believe, but every so often they have a concentrated campaign featuring more of those deals. Right now is one of those times. Until July23, you can avail of loads of body care essentials at a Buy 1 Take 1! You also get a free tote bag for every P500 purchase of Watsons-brand products.

Here are some of the items I saw while visiting the Watsons in SM Aura the other day. ^_^ Check the gallery for my comments + prices!

Aaaaaaand here's my haul! As usual, I got the Watsons Round Puffs, the pocket tissues, Gel Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, mini Wet Wipes, and Transparent Plasters. These are all staples in the house, in my vanity, in my bag. ^_^ I also grabbed a loofah, elastic head bands, Clean & Safe Antibacterial Wipes, A Bonne Scrub, and Biogenic alcohol.

As you can see, I hoarded on wipes. I will not apologize!

Been waiting for an opportunity to mention this: I hoard the Watsons Transparent Plasters because they stick like crazy. New shoes that chafe? I use the big band aid/plaster in this set (it has diff sizes). Wound on my hand? I use the smaller ones - they don't go off easily. Really useful and cheap at like 30-ish bucks per box.

So there. Visit your fave Watsons soon! What are your essentials from there?


This post is brought to you by Watsons.