A dirt cheap thrill (that's actually good): the Nichido Eye Shader Brush #233

I've still kept the old habit of checking out drugstores like Watsons to see if there's anything new and exciting from our local affordable brands. As much as I love luxe cosmetics, there's still nothing quite like the thrill of finding dirt cheap products that perform beyond any expectation! It's like discovering buried treasure without a map.

Soo. The other week I was at Watsons in SM Aura and was just randomly browsing when I saw a stand of Nichido brushes separate from the actual counter. Nichido have had brushes before, but these looked different. Apparently, it's a professional line - full-sized with long, matte black handles! The shape and hair looked interesting from the case so I opened one and was surprised to find that the hair was soft and fluffy.


I saw other brushes like an angled eyeshadow brush, crease brush, eyeliner brush, and lip brush if I remember correctly. They looked alright but I decided to take home the Nichido Eye Shader Brush #233 (P150) since it was what I needed the most.

This brush is large compared to your average shader brush, but it's the perfect shape for me since my lid area is spacious. If you have smaller lids though this would work well for laying down lid washes! The brush is made of super soft animal hair that doesn't poke at my lids even when I rub it on hard - I sorta do that as I blend eyeshadows which is why I prefer soft brushes over stiff ones.


I love that I can create my favorite shapes and blend everything only with this one tool. I couldn't believe it at first so I kept trying it with good and bad eyeshadow formulas, with and without primer. I got great results! The eyeshadows looked smooth, achieved their maximum opacity, and blended out really well. 


This Nichido brush isn't the perfect brush, however. It's not as dense as I would like, it doesn't keep a perfectly rounded shape when you ruffle the hair, and it sheds quite a bit. But you know what? For P150 bucks, it does what I need it to do, better than I hoped. I don't know HOW that could be when it has very obvious, normally deal-breaking cons, but this brush works pretty well despite them!


Overall, I highly recommend you check out the Nichido PRO Make-Up Brushes at your nearest drugstore. I'll be definitely looking at the other ones more closely next time I'm there! I love the #233 Eye Shader Brush and will be using it regularly. ^_^ What do you think? Have you tried this Nichido brush line?