FOTD: Smoky sparkle with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Collection

Lately I find myself pressed for time - more than usual. I have a lot of work to do but that's already a constant! So why am I always hurrying? I read an article about arranging your day in your head before you start it. Instead of checking emails, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, today I decided to start my morning with a list of things to do. Then I played some music while I edit the photos I need for the blog, had my coffee, and walked the dog before I start working.

Now it's 7:30AM and I'm already blogging, whereas before I'd only get down to this at 10am. That's two and a half hours saved from checking social media! That might not seem like a lot but I can do a ton of productive things within 2.5 hours only. I'll stick to this new routine and see how it fixes the chaos that is my life.


So! To kick the week off, here's a great (if I do say so) FOTD wearing a few things from the Make Up For Ever Aqua Collection. MUFE sent these a couple of weeks back and I am so, so happy to see that there are glittery eyeliners and a waterproof lip product in a nude-y, everyday shade. I love it when brands send me things I would have picked out myself!


I decided to wear them all together since they go so well. The look I did involved smoky brown eyes, all-out glittery grey liner, full but soft eyebrows, and a subtle lip. It's a fantastic party look, but if you want to wear it to school or the office, I suggest thinning down the eyeliner. It's just too striking otherwise. Don't listen to me though if you feel like you want your eyes to really pop and have that deep-socketed look.  ^_^

Here's a quick review of the Make Up For Ever products I used!

Waterproof Lips

The Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color in 03 Light Rosewood is a beautiful MLBB bordering on nude. It's a bit mauve on me, with a lot of brown as base. It's actually not your typical liquid lipstick - it's an opaque stain that hardens and dries after half a minute, which is why you need the moisturizing clear gloss on top! That's how it becomes waterproof. You get a solid layer of pigment in first.

This is extremely useful if you hate retouching your lipstick! I've worn this for six hours with only minimal fading.


The Aqua Liner is also pretty good. I have #17 Diamond Grey and #19 Diamond Pink, two fabulous colors that are also long wearing. They also set and harden after a couple of minutes. Due to the glitter though, they're not opaque in just one line. Another layer should get you something solid as in my look above. I have Diamond Grey on my upper lids and a dab of Diamond Pink just below my waterline for extra sparkle.



Swatch of Diamond Pink and Diamond Grey


I think I need to tinker with the Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara more. It is non-smudging and I like the tapered brush for easy application, but I feel it should give me more volume. I've only used it a couple of times though so let's see how if I can tweak my technique to maximize the formula.

Overall, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Collection is worth taking a gander at your nearest MUFE store. Everything is long-wearing as promised, and come in beautiful colors to suit your requirements. Brides and bridal makeup artists should invest in it (if they haven't yet). ^_^ I know it's already a favorite among that crowd!

What do you think? Are you ready to invest in truly waterproof makeup?

Make Up For Ever is available in Megamall and Greenbelt 5.