Under 500 Lipstick Week: Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color

When the OCC Lip Tars first came out, everyone was awed by the fact that liquid lipstick can be so opaque and bright at the same time. Fast forward to today. We now have lots of options for crazy pigmented liquid lippies, from high end to low end! One of them is the Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color (P380 from Makeupholics), which just came out early this year.


The Lip Intense promises the application of a high shine gloss and the longevity of a lipstick. It comes in four high-octane shades to tickle the fancy of girls who love their brights! The three shades here are all highly pigmented with a decent wear time (3 hours, average for most lipsticks) and a sweet scent that dissipates quickly.


This requires retouching as it tends to fade outwards, settling on the edge of the lips. It's not drying nor moisturising so just wear lip balm as usual. Make sure the balm has been absorbed by your lips before putting this liquid lippie on though! Or else it might slide off.

Here is everyone's favorite part: swatches. Haha. I love the colors since they're loud without being garish. You know what I mean? The selection is very chic!


violet addict

Violet Addict is a beautiful magenta violet. It's violet enough that it's not a common shade, but not too much that it looks costume-y. Very pretty! It's my fave out of the three.

fiery coral

Fiery Coral looks similar to Violet Addict in the photo but they're definitely not similar in person. It's a cheery, slightly coral pink.

red extreme

Red Extreme is a bright true red, meaning it doesn't lean blue or yellow. I find it a sophisticated, glossy red.

The price at 6.49USD or P380 here is quite affordable, but it shows in the packaging. The big  paddle-shaped tubes aren't the classiest. I do like the almost bald wand simply because it picks up only a little of this pigmented product.


So there you have it! Do try the Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color if you love bright, eye-catching lipstick shades. These are possibly the closest thing I've tried to OCC Lip Tars so far, at less than half the price. ^_^ Get yours from Makeupholics! Milani isn't available in the PH yet so buying from local resellers is your best bet.

Your thoughts, as usual!