Hot right now: Brazil by OPI Collection

My long nail polish hiatus has finally come to an end with OPI's new Brazil Collection for Spring/Summer 2014! It features the colors of tropical rainforests and warm sandy beaches to our nails and toes this season. The palette ranges from bright hues of red, pink, coral, orange, and yellow to earthy tones of taupe, sienna, mocha and jungle green.

In addition to the singles, OPI also has this limited edition mini-set called the Beach Sandies Liquid Sand Lacquers (P745) so you could try out some of the latest colors without going for a full bottle.


The bottles may be small, but the 3.75ml of lacquer inside should be good for about two to three uses. The brush is full-sized so application isn't affected. It's a great deal if you want to play with all the colors, but if you like only one or two, it's better to pony up for the full bottle which is P645 at Rustan's. It's really all up to you!

Here are my swatches of each color!


I put them all in one hand because I don't want to waste the mini-polishes haha. I adore each color, particularly the AmazON...AmazOFF blue green shade. ^_^


Next Stop...The Bikini Zone: Amethyst pewter spun with lots of frosty shimmer

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian: Warm luscious pink

AmazON...AmazOFF: Deep jungle green

Where Did Suzi's man-go?: Mango peach

Funny names, I know! All of the colors applied wonderfully - each of them looked great in two layers, although I added another one to The Bikini Zone just because. I've had this set of nails for three days now and chipping is at a minimum. They all still look fairly new n' glossy, too! Great formula!


Overall, I highly recommend the Brazil by OPI Collection if you're looking for the perfect summer nails. Check it out at Rustan's this weekend. ;)