Fantastic Female Monsters

I've created a series called Fantastic Female Monsters. I only have four characters so far, but I definitely will add more in the future. Meet my women!

Medusa is an actress and a fashion model who travels around the world being photographed and admired. She is not human however - with glamour, she hides the nest of snakes living on her head. She is the greatest beauty of our time and one of the most ruthless beasts to walk the earth. Ask her men, if they can talk.

Little Tree is a wood nymph who lives in one of the last forested frontiers of the world. She is patient and timid, but curious about what's on the other side of the tree line. One day she sees an explorer cautiously treading the woods. She hatches a plot to seduce him and have him take her Outside.

Miasma used to be a normal person, until a disastrous meltdown happened in a nuclear plant near where she lived. Now, the area around the plant is abandoned for miles on end - it is a wasteland, where few things thrive. Except for a gaseous being, that is, who is sometimes seen by government inspectors as flickering lights during dark nights.

Wraith is the queen of a massive garbage landfill far away from the city. She revels in filth, in sludge, in discarded things. Every evening, the residents of the dump pick through the new arrivals. They try to build more of them. It gets lonely out there, you know. Wraith has the power to resurrect expired objects.

So there you go. :) Keep checking my art gallery here for new additions, if you're interested!