Lipstick Week: Three lippies for everyday looks

This week wasn't supposed to have a theme, but then I realized that many of the things I want to write about involves - guess - lipsticks. So I decided to do yet another Lipstick Week! I have quite a few new things here so the time is most definitely ripe haha. 


Today let's talk about three lipsticks that would be fabulous with everyday makeup. You know, the natural, clean face, with neutral eyeshadow and a flattering pink blush. These are colors you don't have to think too much about - you just grab 'em and go, really. 

Here's the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Metalrose RS322, NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Love, and Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in Just Married. Check out the swatches and my color notes!


I've already reviewed the NARS Satin Lip Pencil (P1,400+) before so this wouldn't be long. The Satin pencils shine because of their excellent color selection and pigmentation. I'm slightly miffed by the fact that you have to *gasp* sharpen them, but oh well. They are what they are!

This is Descanso, part of their Final Cut collection. It's a beautiful tea rose that looks like a nude on my medium skin. I wish it was more pigmented like my other Satin Lip Pencils, but it's nothing a couple of extra layers can't fix. I love how delicate and precious my lips look whenever I wear it! It's perfect for the "no makeup makeup" look.


Don't mind the title up there, it's Descanso!


Next up is the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Metalrose RS322 (P1,250). I have several of these rouges AND I LOVE them. They're so pigmented - practically opaque - and you can't beat the shine (ergo, plumping power). It's one of my favorite lippie formulas. It's a liquid lipstick, not a gloss! They're fairly longwearing and they don't dry out my lips.

Metalrose is a warm, brown-based rose, part of Shiseido's 2014 Spring Collection. It's gorgeous on me! If you're medium to dark, this would be the perfect daily color. It's rich and opaque yet not loud, browny but not boring. I always wear this out.


Last but not the least, here's the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie in Just Married (P599). I actually wanted to feature Crushing On You (an MLBB) but I can not for the life of me find it in my stash. :( Anyway. Just Married is something of a wild card in this selection. It's a pink with quite a bit of white in it, but don't worry - you won't get Nicki Minaj lips! It's not as bright nor as loud as Happy Skin's Valentine Kiss. This is more subdued, the more everyday version of colors like it. Think Pink Noveau but much less intimidating.


This is the lippie you wear when you're tired of your MLBBs. It's bright enough, but not too out of this world. ^_^ Swatch it one time! It should make you change your mind about lippies that are "too cool" for your skintone. It's not as cool as it looks like here in person, swear. IDK why the photo looks like this.

just married DSC08303

Comparison swatches: Descanso, Just Married, and Metalrose

So there you have it, three new lippies to look into if you want some everyday yet interesting colors. Which one is your fave?