Shiseido Week: Face Color Enhancing Trio in RD1 Apple

Makeup for me has never been a way to cover up my insecurities. Sure I'm grateful for the fact that my imperfections are hidden, but that's just secondary to how empowered makeup makes me feel. All these colors and bases and pretty little things allow me to express myself - that is, they allow other people to see me the way I see myself. 

How do I see myself? Well, I think I'm pretty even though my facial structure isn't traditionally beautiful. I've always thought of myself as an artsy person so I love expressing that through the color combinations I wear on my face. Is this how an insecure person with low self-esteem sounds? No. I hope the people who look down on us makeup lovers understand this one day!



Moving on! Today I'd like to tell you all about the Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio in RD1 Apple (P1,500+). This is the second Shiseido "blush" I've tried and I can tell you, it's really different! It's much less pigmented but it makes my skin glow gently. I say "blush" because it's more of a brightener and lifting powder than a color.

It's also not available in Japan. Momoko-san, Shiseido's trainer who recently visited the Philippines, actually got a few here since she won't be able to find it when she gets back!


This compact has three colors, a light pink, sheer tan, and peach highlighter. The powder is almost matte but it somehow gives the face a glow-from-within effect.



Heavy swatches above! The colors are sheer so you'll really need to layer them to get a good pay off. 


Contoured with the tan shade here and highlighted my cheekbones with the peach. On my cheeks, I combined all the colors together to get a rosy bronze flush!

Gorgeous eh? The staying power is just average for a powder blush, around 4-5 hours. It does come with this ultra-plus brush and huge mirror though, so you can retouch any time! I love the brush SO MUCH. It's super soft, I swear. I like bringing it around for retouching my foundations actually! It's also perfect for the Face Color Trio powder.


The compact is larger than I would like for a blush, but like I said above this shouldn't really be considered a blush. It's more of a face brightener, a subtle pick-me-up powder that you can apply on the go. 


Overall, the Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio is nice to have if you like subtle colors that just bring out the best in your complexion. This particular set could be likened to the pressed Guerlain Meteorites, actually. It has a beautiful effect! Just be patient in layering it. ^_^

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything special going on?

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