Tokyo Haul (so far): Kitsch, beauty, and art materials

Tokyo has a ton of tax-free tourist-friendly shops like Tokyu and Donki, as well as cheap-ass drugstore beauty products in Matsumoto Kiyoshi. That's why it's super easy to get lost in a shopping frenzy! I went crazy the first time I was here, but on my third time I now know what NOT to buy.

Number one on my list of NOT to get is cute junk. Yes, they are cute but they are junk. I'd like the idea of owning them but it is highly unlikely that I'll ever use them which was the case when I filled a huge carry-on of that stuff before. I am wiser now so I only get things that I won't be able to buy in the Philippines, or if they are considerably cheaper here (not likely but it happens).

Anyway, here's what I purchased here in Tokyo so far! I'll be flying back to the PH tomorrow so I might add more - we'll see. 

Kitsch (edited)

Can't resist a bit of kitsch at the underground mall in Tokyo Station! I got some printed stockings, floral eyeglass cases, leather case, and padded indoor flats. I wish I have more luggage space so I can get household items, but oh well.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi (edited)

Here are my few choice picks at Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Shibuya. A lot of beauty bloggers love the drugstore Shiseido eyebrow pencil so I got a couple of 'em. Nivea also has this gel face moisturizer with SPF50 which I haven't seen in Manila yet - have you? It looked interesting. I also grabbed some cheapo eyeshadow brushes plus a triangluar flat top brush. 

 Art stuff

I confess one of the major reasons I went back to Tokyo is to raid the art/crafting section of department stores. I'm a wee bit disappointed so far because I haven't seen an interesting artist-level watercolor palette, but I have one day to look for one. I did get some calligraphy stuff, brushes, watercolor paper, water brush, and paper palettes from Ito-Ya in Shibuya.

The ceramic plates up there are from Tsukiji Market, for my watercolors. Ceramic/glass is a better surface for mixing colors compared to plastic.

Tokyu Hands

Ahh, my great find so far - drawing inks from Winsor & Newton! This should go well with my new calligraphy pen and brushes. I also got Copic pigment pens and some cute paper from Tokyu Hands in Daimaru (Tokyo Station).

Drawing Inks

So there. I plan to hit Shinjuku later to check out the Tokyu Hands there because I remember it has a more extensive art section. Crossing my fingers I find what I'm looking for!

Catch you later!