What does your makeup look like after six hours?

The truth is I don't have much time to stress out about makeup. When I'm doing something - anything - not makeup related, it's the farthest thing from my mind. Is my lipstick looking like a rusty wall of red/orange/purple/pink paint? Am I now super oily that I can fuel a small lamp for a few hours? I DON'T CARE. Cheesus, worse things can (and have happened). I'm vain but it's a detached kind of vanity in the sense that it has stopped consuming me.

Yes, I retouch, but I prefer not to unless it's absolutely necessary. The thing is I have a selection of products that work really well for me, enough that I don't look like a sorry mess after say half a day. ^_^ So, that being said, here's what my face looks like after six hours with zero retouching during the day. If you're interested!


Oily and tired-looking, but happy (because I got new shoes again :P)

I just used the Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation, MAC Studio Finish concealer, and then the matching Nearly Naked Powder. Pretty straightforward! I applied the NARS Eyeshadow Primer under my eye makeup just to hold everything together in that area, and a Stila eyeliner which I swear never budges on me. Mascara from Fairydrops (still the best smudge-proof washable mascara for me!). The eyeshadows I used were from my LORAC palette.


The blush is from Ellana (awesome how I still have some left over), while the lip color is the L'Oreal Shine Caresse. It's a staining balmy kind of gloss - I'll review it on Thursday!

Soooo. I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours! What does your makeup look like after six hours? What do you use? Do you still look human? Haha kidding, I know you're still fab with or without the paint!