Money is only funny in a rich man's world

I'm earning a tidy sum of money at 26. I started freelance writing when I was still in college, so I got a good head start and was able to meet a lot of awesome people who gave me valuable opportunities. I'm grateful for them and very lucky, indeed, but the luck would have turned to dust if I didn't work hard and smart everyday.

It's been fun, these last five years, but I seriously have to consider where I put my money. My rent and bills are my biggest expenditures every month - kids, if you're still living with your parents, be extremely grateful for their generosity! Don't be lazy, sweep the floor or wash the dishes when they ask you to. If you lived by yourself, you'd be bleeding money AND sweeping the floor AND washing the dishes every day. 

I remember, when I moved out two weeks after graduation and did my first groceries, I cried in the supermarket. Like a baby. I didn't know things cost so much. 

And then there is shopping. I'm cutting down on that because it's a vicious cycle. I buy stuff but end up not using them as often as I initially thought I would. I think I've been good these last few months because I managed to lessen miscellaneous spending, but the figure could be better. I'm sure I didn't need six shirts in one go.

Why am I sharing all this? I guess I just wanted to give you some context on what my financial goals are. I want to have a solid emergency fund and invest in stocks or mutual funds. I want to save more money every month. I want to think ahead, not be stuck in a mindset where I buy things just because they looked pretty and I could afford them.

Sun Life's community website,, has been helping me out immensely this year. I'm not just saying this because it's a sponsored post. A few friends of mine actually write at Brighter Life, and I've been clicking on their articles every time they post the links on their Facebook pages!

I love Jill's practicality, Tara's happy and positive outlook, and Frances's thoughts on freelancing. I'm learning a lot. These women have really inspired me with their wisdom and gumption!

Here are some articles of theirs that I loved and have even read several times:

How I Prepared for the Freelance Life by Frances Sales

Investing In Yourself by Tara Cabullo

What To Do With Windfalls by Tara Cabullo

Post-Wedding Realizations by Jill Sabitsana

These are great articles for 20-somethings, so read up! Because of Brighter Life, I now know that my two main priorities should be saving an emergency fund (at least three months worth of expenses) and investing my money. :)

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