#SeeTheSigns: Join Avon's campaign against domestic violence

A couple of years ago, one of my clients hired a woman to help out with merchandising and operations. I enjoyed working with her because she was smart and always ready to learn - she was such a huge help since the team was very small at that time. However, she quit within the month if I remember correctly. Why? Her boyfriend gave her a hard time about spending too much time working. She started missing work and he started waiting for her to come out of the office like a stalker.

It was a sad situation, and I was sorry that she didn't choose to get out of it. I know it's none of my business but I wrote a lengthy, emphatic email explaining why she shouldn't have left her job for her boyfriend. I told her, if he controls her like this when they're not yet married, imagine how he'd be like once they tie the knot!

Yes, it's none of my business, but sometimes it has to be. There are many forms of domestic violence. It's not necessarily as direct or physically obvious like a black eye - it could be a partner limiting your economic situation like preventing you from keeping a job or cutting you off from your bank accounts/cards. It could be verbal like him telling you you're stupid or incompetent all the time. It could be emotional like him stalking you via text or preventing you from seeing your friends and family. 

Not really

There are signs - except, we tend to turn the other cheek because we don't want to interfere. We don't want to be labeled "pakialamera". I believe that there are boundaries we shouldn't cross and that everybody is entitled to privacy. But there are situations when we shouldn't keep our mouths shut. I mean, if you truly care about someone, shouldn't you be proactive, say something and offer solutions to ger her out of her misery?

That's why I love Avon's global #SeeTheSigns Campaign. Tied together with the hashtag are powerful graphics and ‘signs’ of domestic violence intended to help people recognize the often subtle indications of abuse. It basically aims to make individuals aware of the important role they play in recognizing the signs of abuse among their friends and family, so they will also know how they can safely intervene and help break the cycle.

With 1 in every 3 women becoming victims of domestic violence, Avon continues to raise funds to support its program for victims of abuse, through its Empowerment Circle of Support Necklace, which sells for only P399. Let the Empowerment Circle of Support Necklace serve as a constant reminder for you to be concerned with your own safety, and of your loved ones as well.


In addition, Avon also offers its fundraising product for this year, the Skin So Soft Protect and Enhance Whitening HBL, which retails for only Php 330. Both the necklace and the lotion can be purchased through Avon Representatives nationwide, with part of the proceeds going to the campaign’s non-government organization (NGO) partners to sustain the hotline numbers which domestic abuse victims or concerned citizens can contact for help. 

So there you go. :) Tactfully speak to your friends and family about domestic abuse, if they are experiencing it. Post these #SeeTheSigns images on your social media networks. You can also help Avon help raise funds for NGOs by purchasing their limited edition necklace.