P500 (and under) gifts for your kikay friends

So you want to give a nice gift to a friend who loves prettifying herself. However, you don't have a big budget to get the usual holiday kits or even a popular high-end item. What to do? Worry not, for Ate Liz is here to help you! Lol. I saw a comment earlier asking me about 500 peso beauty-related gifts so I thought I'd rummage through my stash to find good suggestions.

And found them I did. These are products that I would recommend to anyone, because they're the kind that would surely be used again and again. They're not throwaway items just for the sake of giving something; I feel the receiver would appreciate the thought that went into your gift even though it wasn't that expensive. Of course, don't forget to write a nice note!

Here ya go!

For the friend who is serious about makeup. Get her the Ellana Brush Cleaner (P400), a must-have for any makeup maven and professional MUA. This cleans and conditions brushes stat! It also has a pleasant melon scent which is totes different from the usual paint solvent smell of brush cleaners.

You can also get the Lip & Cheek Duo (P460) specifically the Icon / Illusion combination. These two colors work on ANYONE; they sheer out into a gorgeous flush on the cheeks and looks like lipstick on the lips. 

For the friend with dry lips. Yes, we all have one person in our life who can't seem to find a lip balm that gets rid of the flakes. Get her to try these limited edition Burt's Bees Christmas ornaments! They are not only decorative, they also feature intense conditioning lip balms. The Refresh (with Grapefruit) and Rejuvenate (with Acai Berry) are both only P325, while the Ultra Conditioning (with Kokum Butter) is P375.

This is a nice gift for guy friends as well! Burt's Bees is available in Beauty Bar.

For the friend who loves to travel. The Charm Pocket Brush Set (P500 at Beauty and Minerals) is the perfect size to bring around anywhere. Whether she's tramping in an azure beach or freezing in, IDK, Europe, this set is something she can definitely use! It has five handy brushes for applying and retouching a basic look.

And psssst...it'd be lovely to be remembered as your friend is traveling. ;)

For the friend who loves styling her hair. Lucido-L is quite popular in Japan. It's a rare drugstore where you won't see it in the shelves! Anyway, this set is the perfect gift for someone who's vain about her hair. You know what I mean. Some of us obsess about brows, some obsess about hair.

This set is only P295 - separately, each full-sized bottle is P295 but it's basically on a buy 1 take 1 this season. The one I have here is the Curling Milk and Repairing Oil. There are lots of other variants available in Watsons.

For the beginner in the art of kilay. Have a friend who's clueless about shading her brows? Is she daunted by all the options out there? Or do you just hate seeing her with undone kilay? Loljk. Half joke. I get a little tiny bit peeved with girls who don't fix up their brows. Just a little though, everyone can do whatever they want really.

ANYWAY. The Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow (P345 in Watsons) is a fool-proof product. The pigmentation is light and the pencil is slim; nonetheless, when you're done layering, it will look super polished and effortless. Plus, it pretty much stays on all day. Try the 01 shade!

And that is that. Do you have more suggestions? What are you getting your kikay friends this Christmas?