Eye bags be gone: The Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Corrector

I've written about the band K's Choice several times on this blog, and once again, I have to mention them only because they made the most perfect songs. I keep on re-discovering old gems that are just so appropriate for my life right now! One of them is called "Favorite Adventure", and it goes, "There you are, your beauty consoles me / I've come far and I almost didn't find you / And I almost lived without you".

You MUST listen to it then tell me how you like it. ^_^

Anyway, today I wanted to gush about the Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Corrector (P799). The thing with Happy Skin is, they either make super awesome stuff that end up as permanent fixtures in my routine (the sculpting kit, ZZ Cream, and the lippies are my top  bets) or they make okay stuff that are nice to use but can be easily replaced by something else in my stash.

The Corrector, which just came out last October, falls in the first category. This is my current favorite under eye concealer because it brightens that area while still being totally lightweight! It has mid to heavy coverage and has this mousse-y texture that glides on nicely, filling in fine lines.

Happy Skin claims that it has a salmon hue to correct especially purplish under eye circles. I didn't see that salmon tint the first few times, but when I started using more product, I did detect a more peachy hue to the blended concealer. It adds to the brightening power of the Corrector! You'll notice below that the reddish verging on purple tint of my eye bags are thoroughly dispelled by one layer of this thing.

The staying power is pretty good. I've worn this for 10 hours and did not notice any major fading. It fades by the 7th hour, but not by much. I just make sure to set it properly with powder! It creases a bit but it's easy enough to fix with a clean finger and to re-set with any powder. 

Oh and did I mention that this is not drying at all? I still recommend using eye cream before but if you happened to miss doing so, it won't leech the moisture out of your under eyes.

What it looks like when set with powder

What it looks like when set with powder

I was lukewarm about the Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Corrector when I first got it but after seriously testing it out for a couple of weeks, I realized what I had in my hands. It's a fantastic concealer that's not too badly priced at 800 bucks. I feel this would suit all skin tones, well, except really dark ones. It's best to swatch this in person if you're in doubt.

What do you think? Does this look like your new eye bag BFF?