Share the love and light by making your own COCA-COLA® Parol

Could you believe that Christmas is just a little over a month from now? The year flew by, as it always does, and I’m looking forward to end it by celebrating the holidays with family and friends. I’m not going to put up a tree in the condo but I’m definitely going to string some lights around. They should add to the festive mood, I think! I might also hold a small party just for friends since I’ve got enough space now.

I remember when I was very young, my grandparents would cover up the house with Christmas lights and parols as early as September. Their house was in the middle of the village so everyone would pass by and marvel at it. During Christmas day, they’d hold a big family reunion in the morning, and in the afternoon, they’d invite neighbors over to celebrate. It was so fun! I miss those days. Just being a kid on Christmas is so magical!

But we must make new memories where we can. One fun way to have a bright and happy Christmas is to try Coca-Cola’s #SariSaringHappiness project. Basically, the brand has come up with an ingenious way to recycle Coke bottles, encourage a bonding activity, and create beautiful holiday decorations - all at the same time!

All you need to do is collect five Coke bottles, connect it to the Coca-Cola star, then go crazy dressing up your parol with paper, plastic, and lights. Here’s how:

Once you’re done, light up your very own COCA-COLA® Parol and hang it where everyone can see it. It’s a great way to share the light and love in your neighborhood! There are lighting hubs around the country, specifically in Manila, Tacloban, Pampanga, Batangas, Bacolod, and Davao.

Make sure to take a photo or a video of it and share it on social media accounts using the hashtag #SariSaringHappiness Day. You can also visit the Coca-Cola Sari-Saring Happiness website for more info about this exciting project.

So there you go! I’d love to know: what are your holiday plans? Are you decorating your house already?

This post is brought to you by Coca-Cola.