The K-Palette Rose-Scented Real Lasting Liner

Today I realized that the reason I am able to stay in long-term relationships with people and my passions/hobbies is my ability to fall in and out of love with the same thing - several times. There would be extended periods when I'd just be emotionally attached to whatever, then snap out of it and rotate to the next one. Then I would come back and walk away again. 

This is how I still manage to blog after nine years. I know that whatever I feel about it at the moment will pass. I can get passionate, disillusioned, and hopeless, but these are not permanent. I know that I love it, deeply, just not all the time. But this begs the question: when do I stop? And I'm not exclusively talking about blogging here.

When do I stop? Should I?

Enough with the feelz! I just wanna quickly mention the latest product from K-Palette: a rose-scented eyeliner. Yes, it's infinitely cuter than the normal packaging and has a rosy whiff to it. Don't expect a heavy scent, as you won't really be using much of the product anywhere near your nose.

The formula features Rose Flower Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Japanese Gentian Extract to help hydrate your lids and prevent lines. Leave it to the Japanese to sprinkle a little something something in all their products!

The K-Palette Rose-Scented Real Lasting Liner (P795) is limited edition so you better grab it while you can. It's a fun way to shake up your routine if you've a hardcore K-Palette loyalist. ;) Get it from Beauty Bar and Rustan's.