Lip Gloss Week: Maybelline Lip Polish

Lip glosses have come a long way from being sheer, gluey, and generally annoying. With new ingredients and technology, even the most affordable brand can come up with a gloss worth switching up your lipsticks for. I thought I'd talk about some of the interesting glosses I have this week. I'll begin with the most intriguing of them all: the Maybelline Lip Polish (P350).

I believe this came out in the Philippines recently. It's popular with YouTube vloggers, and is known as "Color Elixir" in other parts of the world. What makes this special is how it mixes the high-shine glassiness of lip gloss, pigmentation of an average lipstick, and the moisture of lip balm. All that without being sticky!

Think of a lipstick with a very wet texture and that's pretty much how the Maybelline Lip Polish feels like when freshly applied. It'll dry up in an hour and will become tacky then, but I love how that dried-up layer of color sticks on my lips. It feels almost like one of those long-wearing lipsticks that hardens and sets.

Charming. The gloss mold is lipstick-shaped.

And this is fairly long-wearing, for a gloss. I've worn it for over five hours (just drinking, no eating) and it left me with a workable amount of color without drying up my lips! I get a nice stain even when I eat. This, by the way, has no smell and no taste. The wand is also super soft and fits my lips.

Downsides? Hmm, not all colors have the same pigmentation level. Some are sheer, some have medium coverage, only one is completely opaque. Some colors also deliver uneven, patchy coverage. Just remember to NOT wear a lip balm underneath. Your lips must be completely dry (but not flaky, of course). Buff the product carefully all over your lips, working the color deep into your lip lines.

That's it for my review. ^_^ Check out the swatches!

Glam 2 is a coral pink with strong red tones. It's bright and cheerful without being too loud.

Glam 12 is a glittery, blue-based red. It's a bit darker in person than the swatch and as far as I remember, it's not this glittery. I think the sparkles just caught the light here.


Pop 5 is a creamy bubblegum pink. It has medium coverage.


Pop 6 is a creamy true red. Unlike Glam 12, this has no glitter in it. It's rather patchy but looks better when it's properly buffed in.


Glam 5 is my favorite out of all the shades. It's a beautiful, plummy orchid shade that flatters my skin really well. It's also fairly pigmented! It's slightly frosty but that doesn't distract from the prettiness, I think.

Glam 5, worn

Glam 6 is my second favorite. It's a f reddish purple that's dark enough to be vampy, but not too dark to be goth. Love it!

Glam 6, worn

Glam 13 is the MLBB shade of this bunch. Don't let the dark color in the tube fool you - it's a warm apricot pink. Very lovely, with great pigmentation.

Glam 13, worn

Glam 15 is a warm nude. The coverage is only sheer to medium, so it's best on top of a nude lip liner or lipstick, to intensify. Nice shade though!

And that's that. :) Let me know what you think of this new find, and what your favorite colors are! ^_^